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Browse resources by topic, interest and age group.

  • Gale In Context: Elementary

    Gale In Context: Elementary

    Introduce elementary students to database searching with resources featuring age-appropriate, curriculum-related content.

    Learn about animals, plants, music science, sports, and more

  • Gale OneFile: Science

    Gale OneFile: Science

    Access information on the latest developments across a range of scientific disciplines. Updated daily.

    Updated daily, this collection includes 1.6 million articles and 200 journals.

  • Gale In Context: Middle School

    Gale In Context: Middle School

    Explore the most-studied topics including cultures, government, people, history, literature and more.

    Academic articles, images, topic selections, and more for middle schoolers

  • Gale General OneFile

    Gale General OneFile

    Access general interest magazines and key serials in a single resource. Best for general research.

    Magazine, news, and journal articles on general interest topics and current events

  • Gale OneFile: High School Edition

    Gale OneFile: High School Edition

    Search magazines, journals, newspapers and reference on a range of topics. Best for middle- and high-school students.

    Information on high school research topics plus pop culture, sports, and more

  • Gale Academic OneFile

    Gale Academic OneFile

    Quickly access articles from a database of scholarly journals and other trusted periodicals. Best for academic research.

    Complete source for peer-reviewed scholarly articles across all academic disciplines

Self-Harm, ed. , v.  Icon
Surviving Family Violence, ed. , v.  Icon
I Have Been Bullied. Now What?, ed. , v.  Icon
Sexual Assault and Abuse, ed. , v.  Icon
Mourning a Death in the Family, ed. , v.  Icon
Working with Your School to Create a Safe Environment, ed. , v.  Icon
Environmental Encyclopedia, ed. 4, v.  Icon
Encyclopedia of the Great Depression, ed. , v.  Icon
American Revolution Reference Library, ed. , v.  Icon
Encyclopedia of the American Constitution, ed. 2, v.  Icon
Encyclopedia of Science, Technology, and Ethics, ed. , v.  Icon
Encyclopedia of Clothing and Fashion, ed. , v.  Icon
Encyclopedia of Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity, ed. , v.  Icon
Encyclopedia of Children and Childhood: In History and Society, ed. , v.  Icon
Encyclopedia of African-American Culture and History, ed. 2, v.  Icon
Grzimek's Animal Life Encyclopedia, ed. , v.  Icon
Help! I Can't Swim! A Story about Safety in Water, ed. , v.  Icon
UXL Encyclopedia of Science, ed. 2, v.  Icon
Junior Worldmark Encyclopedia of the Nations, ed. 6, v.  Icon
Science in Dispute, ed. , v. 1 Icon
Science in Dispute, ed. , v. 2 Icon
Science in Dispute, ed. , v. 3 Icon
Science of Everyday Things, ed. , v.  Icon
Scientific Thought, ed. , v.  Icon